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Creating a Microenvironment

There are only two parts to creating a Microenvironment:

  • Linking a Microenvironment to your OAuth 2.0 application
  • Branding your Microenvironment

Note: It doesn't matter which you create first, your OAuth 2 app or a Microenvironment. You can create an OAuth 2 app, then create a Microenvironment, and finally link the two together. Alternatively, you can create an OAuth 2 app as part of the process of creating a Microenvironment.

1. Configuration page

If you've already created an OAuth 2 app, click on the Create New Microenvironment button to be taken to the configuration page for your new Microenvironment where you can link the two.

On the Microenvironment configuration page, you can link your Microenvironment to an existing OAuth 2 app, or create a new OAuth 2 app right from this page:

2. Onboarding QR code