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Creating a new OAuth 2.0 application (or client)

Follow these steps to create an OAuth 2 application.

Note: You can also create it when you create a Microenvironment.

1a. Click on OAuth2 Manager > Register New Application


1b. Click on Go To #InfinityAuth > Create New OAuth2 App

2. Fill out the form (all fields are mandatory)


Give your app a distinct name.


Indicate whether your app will be public or private. In the latter case, you will receive a client secret.

Website URL

Provide the URL of the page hosting the Login button.

Logo URL

Provide a hosted logo for branding purposes.


Currently only openid is supported.

Callback URL

This is the logged-in URL you want the end-user to get redirected to after a successful login.


Provide a brief description of the app.

3a. Private app: save your client secret then continue to creating a Microenvironment

3b. Public app: continue to creating a Microenvironment